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 Williams Product Company is a hair care product, skin care and cosmetic manufacturer based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Products

 Our products are formulated with the right ingredients to furnish the hair, skin and scalp with the nourishment needed to function, stay healthy and good looking. Our system is a family of products designed to be used together to provide maximum results.


Rescue Conditioner

  • After hair color or relaxer service, stabilize and rinse and shampoo.
  • Apply oz. of rescue and comb through hair, leave on hair 20 minutes under heat cap. Rinse and style.
  • When receiving a relaxer service, if discomfort occurs, apply rescue to the discomfort area to avoid any further discomfort.
  • Rescue conditioner will stop itchy scalp due to the discomfort of dandruff, sprits and gel build up, associated with the Freeze.
  • Use Rescue Conditioner in case of emergency such as sun burn, heat burn, chemical burn, fever blisters, acne and pimples.
  • Rescue Conditioner will heal sick hair and raise dead hair, so if baldness is present, use Rescue Conditioner to open pores (in many cases baldness is due to blockage or pores, such as, grease and product buildup)
  • Use Rescue once a week to promote rapid hair growth.


  • Apply daily to edges, temple, nape, and hairline areas to help restore lifeless and missing hair.

Designer Lotion

  • Apply small amount of Designer Lotion on wet hair for wraps, sets, push waves (for the soft Freeze style) or finger waves (will dry soft), and then style.
  • Pumpwave – apply small amount of Designer Lotion on wet hair and finger wave.

Intensive Care Treatment

  • Remove tint from around the hairline after a tint service, stop itchy scalp, clear up fungus, unclog pores, sanitize hands before a manicure, dry clean braids, stop razor bumps, refresh the skin after an eyebrow arch, shave, or line.
  • Mean Sheen Mink Cream

    Rub Mean Sheen Mink Cream on relaxed or color-treated hair as often as desired to prevent breakage and dryness.

    • Use each day as a maintenance for dull, dry hair.
    • Rub Mean Sheen on hair and hot curl.
    • Rub Mean Sheen on dry finger waves, brush and re-set for pump waves.